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The Development Agency of Gradiška – RAGA for international and regional cooperation was established by the decision of the Municipal Assembly of Gradiška of 28 December 2017 with the aim of providing technical and advisory support in the programs of international and regional cooperation; exchange of information for the purpose of regional development; creating local, cross-border and international networks, promoting the region, supporting development programs, attracting foreign direct investments, building institutional capacities, technical assistance to local authorities in drafting project proposals for funding through EU funds and other available funds in BiH.

The beginnings of the Development Agency Gradiška have been starting since 2007 and the establishment of the Department for Development at the Office of the Mayor of Gradiška, who transfers his capacities, experience and resources to the Development Agency Gradiška.

The Agency team consists of 5 experts, young people, who are in the process of managing the principles of sustainable development. Thanks to primarily its staff Gradiška Development Agency realizes its mission and vision of ensuring and increasing the living standards of all citizens of the Municipality of Gradiška, by attracting funds from domestic and EU funds, attracting foreign investments, and working together with other subjects in the region, strives to create a favorable economic climate for the development and improvement of the local economic development of the municipality of Gradiška.

Guided by the experience and individual references of the team and projects implemented through the work of the ULSG and the NGO sector, the references of the work of the experts of the agency are counted in more than 2000 users at the local level through the implementation of more than 20 development projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. These are important projects funded by donors such as UNDP, USAID, GIZ, SIDA, the European Commission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the World Bank, etc.

The Agency bases its work program on the development policies of the Municipality of Gradiška, and in its work it seeks to focus on the end user, who lives from his work and wants to create a value that he will transfer to future generations. Accordingly, the Agency works with all organizations operating at the local and regional level to create different synergies, launch various initiatives, network actors, with the aim of more efficient use of available resources and achievement of better results through the transfer of positive examples of experiences and practices from EU.

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